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Health facts

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In each patient, the clinical manifestation of the disease is specific, but inflammatory changes are typical and usually not in continuity, but alternating segments of "healthy" and "sick" hose (Engl. skip lesions). This fact means that parts of the bowel loops are not affected by inflammation alternating with those affected by inflammation.crohn s disease

Depression and suicide are common in people with Huntington's disease. It is important for all those who care for the sick. As the disease progresses, the person will need assistance and supervision, and with time and 24-hour care.American physician George Huntington (Long Island, New York) in 1872. described the disease as he

mild indigestion with nausea or vomiting. Skin becomes (and remains) extremely dark as to constantly tan.Addison's disease is extremely rare, and mostly affects people between thirty and fifty. Sometimes it occurs in conjunction with other autoimmune disorders, such as pernicious anemia, or Hashimoto's disease.

ear with a tuning fork) directs sound toward good side. Hearing loss is not severe, and there are never deafness. No other neurological disorders. Otoscopic finding neat. Eating less when the patient is lying and that the healthy side, if the eyes are open and if it is in the dark silence.
When symptoms are partially settled, may be supplemented by examination. There is a greater

which was insufficient, especially in remote areas where there was no real medical care. Since 1954 The mandatory iodination of salt in Croatia. First adding 10 to 15 mg of potassium iodide per kg of salt, which proved to be inadequate, and since 1996 the prescribed obligation to add 20 to 30 mg of potassium iodide per kg of salt. Since the beginning of mandatory iodination of salt gradually

Reduce your intake of sugar is known for causing cavities and restrict contact between their teeth with acidic substances that are responsible for the dissolution of tooth enamel and calcium loss. Use a straw when drinking fruit juices or carbonated drinks.
Avoid excessive consumption of food and beverages (eg, coffee or red wine) that cause

In the past ten years a great help in the treatment of one part of overuse injuries, especially those who are not on the applicable soothe conservative treatment, including the high jump and knee showed shock wave therapy (ESWT).
It is important for the entire duration of treatment carried out so. Alternative training for the

the medical system as one of the possible reasons for the occurrence of gastritis says psycho-emotional state. In what should happen with the pain in your stomach? What bothers me in the emotional life, which I have not managed to "digest"? - These are questions that should be asked if every

• urinary obstruction or residual urine in the bladder: urinary obstruction can have different causes. These are: enlargement of the prostate, kidney stones, or a tumor that can squeeze the urethra, thus preventing normal and / or complete draining of urine. Also, bladder dysfunction, which occurs in diseases of the nervous system and can prevent paraplegia emptying the bladder.

Stones will not disappear by themselves. Symptoms may temporarily remove a child and use of certain drugs, but they will occur again and with more severe. Therefore, the surgical removal of the gallbladder safest and shortest treatment of diseased gallbladder, whether it is acute or chronic with or without calculi or if the gallbladder polyps.

A vaccine for this disease is not used.
Disease prevention is to avoid possible contact with ticks, appropriately dressed for staying in nature protection repellents and removing ticks after returning from nature (body showering, washing clothes).tekst SymptomsOn the skin - erithema migrans (EM)

Diagnosis of fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Currently there are no laboratory tests to diagnose fibromyalgia. Doctors rely on medical history, subjective symptoms of the patient, physical examination and precise determination of painful points on the body.

C.Less than 5% of immunocompetent patients with a single episode of herpes zoster will have a second, and the episodes are usually separated by years.
D.Laboratory evaluation
Diagnosis can be placed on clinical grounds.

stretching, initially you will feel less uncomfortable, and as time goes by the pain will increase. In some cases, the pain caused by long streching can appear after several hours.Repeat the experiment again, but now your finger curled so that tension leads to pain. Pain sensation is immediate. If you overstrech, and your system will give warning occurs if you

(COPD), and chronic heart, kidney and liver, atherosclerosis, diabetes, a disorder of awareness and use of drugs, especially sedatives. Particularly encouraging situation in winter is the flu and other viral respiratory infections that often precede pneumonia.Consequently, the pneumonia in the last century (before the invention of antibiotics) rightly called "the

progression of the disease by weakening the immune response. Effect of fat, not just overall intake, but also saturated and unsaturated fats was studied in the past ten years. Fats affect the synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which have different effects on the immune system. In one study, in which patients consumed a diet with less than 25% fat, and most of the fish

susceptible to infections during that period. When infected vaginal discharge occurs odor.Decrease in libido Women can begin to feel pain and discomfort during intercourse causing reduced desire for sex. This pain occurs as a consequence of the fact that the vagina gets smaller and drier. As the
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