Habits of Health bladder infection symptoms

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Habits of Health bladder infection symptoms

Postby dsblogovi » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:19 pm

bladder infection symptoms
The need to empty the bladder may occur in the middle of an important meeting or if you are stuck in traffic. Without the possibility of going to the toilet most will retain urine. But if this becomes a habit, you threaten and unfortunate side effects.

The bladder is a muscular organ located in the pelvis, and is supported by the surrounding pelvic muscles. The nervous system is responsible for sending signals that make you become aware of the need to empty the bladder. A strong urge to urinate usually feel when the bladder is full 75% percent. But you still can not control his discharge. Specifically, the external sphincter closes the urethra and it is, as opposed to the internal sphincter, controlled by your will.

Retain the urine for too long, it can lead to excessive expansion and loss of bladder control over it. In addition, the sphincter may not work properly if urine is often retained. Over time it can even happen that the sphincter can not relax. Thus, the prolonged retention of urine and accumulation of bacteria.

For too long retention of urine can lead to a number of problems, including urinary tract infection and kidney disease. Specifically, the bacteria that develop in urine that remains in the bladder too long cause various infections and symptoms such as painful discharge of urine, constant need to empty the bladder, fever, chills and pain in the stomach.

Prevention and solution

To maintain good health of the bladder, it should be emptied as often. This will prevent the accumulation of urine. In addition, before you go to places where it will be difficult to get to the toilet, it is best not to drink too much fluid.

Be careful ..

If your need to empty the bladder frequently, or uneven, it is important to visit a doctor in order to eliminate the suspicion of possible kidney or bladder. The need for frequent urination may indicate infection, weakness, bladder or sphincter weakness. Your doctor may prescribe medication or specific exercises that will correct the problem.
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