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kidney infection symptoms
disease spreads. Thus urinary infection may be present without symptoms. However, when it comes to urinary tract symptoms are present in most cases, and they are:

strong urge to urinate
frequent urination;
slight burning sensation when
The kidneys would be grateful if you feed them radishes, cranberries and celery

Celery, horseradish, daikon radish and a real 'blood purifier' that are friendly to your kidneys. For healthy kidneys also limit the intake of salt, processed meat and sugary drinks, and so reduce the risk of kidney stones

The kidneys are organs that resemble the shape of a bean, and the size of the fist. These organs are sophisticated units for processing of various substances, and their task is to maintain the blood clean by eliminating waste products through urine and water. Kidney function is of great importance because if you keep up with his task, waste products accumulate in the blood and can harm your body.

Pass through the substances such as electrolytes and minerals, and this precision measurement system within them decide how much will be sodium, potassium and phosphorus retained in the body, and how much will be extracted. An additional important function of the kidneys release three vital hormones important for the synthesis of red blood cells, regulate blood pressure and maintain adequate levels of calcium in the body. As with anything in life, the balance of all the substances necessary for optimum health.

Healthy kidneys without problems submitted and most troubling nutrition and can eliminate large amounts of harmful substances. However, if renal function decreases, the problems arise. In fact, the kidney can no longer be as effective spew all the harmful substances that occur in our bodies so it is necessary to assist him in the form of customized nutrition.
Food that is undesirable

Although each person is special biochemical individual, there are certain nutrients that you should pay attention when it comes to the kidneys. Primarily be controlled intake of protein and phosphorus in the diet, but also pay attention to the sodium and phosphorus. It is wise to create a diet plan in collaboration with a doctor or nutritionist, but certain changes in diet can introduce to their own commitments.

First of all limit the amount of protein in the diet because it will help reduce the amount of waste. How much protein must enter depends on the seriousness of the situation, but certainly occasionally dial animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products because they provide all the necessary amino acids the body.

The balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body is important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. But if the kidneys are not working properly, phosphorus can accumulate in the blood and cause a'' pull'' of calcium from the bones. Additionally, high levels of phosphorus can cause a number of symptoms, such as pain in the bones and muscles, and heart damage. It is therefore necessary to limit the intake of foods rich in phosphorus, such as meat, nuts, seeds, beans and cheese. And many carbonated drinks, rich in phosphorus, so it is necessary to forget about them.
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